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Other services we are able to offer

Our trained staff are able to complete the above services from as little as £13.50 per hour.

All staff a fully vetted, trained and reliable

A Quality Care Service for You,  & Your Loved Ones

Gardening Services

If you need it cutting, clearing pruning or mowing we can do it

Keeping your garden looking nice can make the whole house look good, it can also make it look a lot worse if its not kept up to.

Most people have gardening equipment in their shed or garage and as long are they are in a safe condition we can use them to keep your garden looking good.

We are able to send a competent person, CRB checked and insured to do any general gardening work.

How often do I need the service

Not all jobs need doing every week. Unless you want a bowling green for a lawn or have a park the service is really only required every couple of weeks in the summer months and sometimes less.

The choice is yours on how frequent you require your garden doing. If it as not been maintained it could take a couple of weeks to get on top of it, then once a month.

Gardening work we can do

As a registered waste carrier we are able to remove and transport your waste, but this can be expensive, example of the costs to tip waste are garden waste £30 per ton, Mixed household waste £95 per ton, these are the minimum council costs, so one bag of mixed waste will cost £95. Unless you have a lot of waste it will be less expensive to allow or gardeners to bag it and you dispose of it yourself at your local household waste site.

Gardening work we can not do

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